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eConnect / Great Plains: Introduction to Everything

This is where I start. Ideally I would like to give an overview of Great Plains before diving into the details but again, I don’t have too much time and most of the information in available on Microsoft’s Great Plain website (or so you would think :)). Anyways, here just a brief overview of Great Plains…

Great Plains

Great Plains (GP) was an accounting software offered by a company called Great Plains Software, Inc. I say ‘was’ because it was bought out by Microsoft in April 2001 and is now part of Microsoft. I haven’t had to deal with any of the previous versions of GP but my latest interaction with GP 7.5 hasn’t been the best one. I admit that this is a humungous application and probably requires a lot of upfront training but I still took on the challenge!


eConnect is the API provided by Microsoft for GP. This provides several different ways that can be used to connect to GP (including MSMQ, Biztalk, SOAP).

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