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Starting a new initiative: Understanding Windows Vista

Last night I posted the first section of the “Understanding Windows Vista” series. I have started this as a personal initiative to diffuse the bad rep. that Windows Vista has been getting. Check it out.

Understanding Windows Vista

Unfortunately, there are too many complaints about Windows Vista. Personally, I think that Windows Vista is a pretty good OS. This article tries to explain Windows Vista and put it in an unbiased context. Additionally, one of my goals is to make this transition easier for the users, so, I will be explaining how to get things to work until either Microsoft or other software vendors have had a chance to officially fix them.

Thank you, come again


About two months ago a friend insisted that I should seriously think about switching to a Mac. OS X is especially of interest to me because I have been into Linux for a few years now, mostly using it as a learning platform, and, given the Unix core, OS X becomes a very nice alternative. There are several things that have kept me from moving to Linux, including (please read the complete post before adding comments) the hit-or-miss upgrades, missing or little support of some hardware, not so great support for Windows based applications (like I said, read the whole post first :)), and the fact that my main jobs have revolved around Windows development. Mac, on the other hand, overcomes many of these issues (VMWare Fusion looks awesome).

With my recent involvement in web development, starting out with Ruby on Rails and then settling on django, I have realized that I now have many more choices of operating systems than I did before. This is especially true since my editor of choice is vim, which is supported on most of the platforms, and I generally do most of my development on a server running ArchLinux. So, here are my thoughts after two months of honest exploration, even going to the extreme of asking a friend running Hackintosh to lend me his computer (in exchange for the tablet :)).