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Subtle details

I love it when I see programmers and designers going above and beyond and paying attention to the small details. One feature that recently caught my eye were the browser icons (or favicon) used by Google Calendar (and Gmail).

Gmail and Google Calendar conveying useful information through their favicon

Note how the blue Google Calendar icon actually has today’s date instead of some random number. Left of it is the Gmail icon showing the unread mail count. In order to get this functionality in Gmail you have enable the “Unread message icon by Manu C.”

Google folks, keep up the good work! :)

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I was really hoping that Chrome wouldn't do this.

The one thing that I hated about Firefox was that you had to restart it every so often because it would start taking up way too much memory after some time. Chrome initially didn’t have this issue, but lately I have noticed that it has started misbehaving as well. Take a look at the following screenshot of the Task Manager in Windows XP.

Chrome, behave!  Notice how Firefox 4 is pretty close even though I use it a lot less.

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Wake-on-LAN for WebOS update

Personally I have moved on to Android based cell phone from WebOS/Palm Pre, but I am still trying to keep my Wake-on-LAN (WOL) for WebOS application up to date. Previously it was based on a Java service, which isn’t compatible with WebOS 2.0. So, I have recently rewritten the backend WOL service be a node.js based service that is compatible with WebOS 2.0. Unfortunately, I am facing a few issues with the new model that I have started working through on the Palm Developer forums. Chime in if you can! :)

I am hoping to publish this as a free app on the market once I get some of these kinks worked out. Also, source code for this app is now available on google code.

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Cleaning up XML using VIM

Here is a quick function for cleaning up XML without any line breaks. This is a quick and dirty solution with some minor issues (e.g. turning <test></test> to <test>\n</test>), but the goal of this it not to be too accurate, but to quickly put a non-readable XML into a readable form for reference.

function! PrettifyXML()
	set ft=xml
	:norm =G

Put this in your vimrc file and call it using :call PrettifyXML()

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Error installing "Windows 7 service pack 1", code 80200053

Microsoft recently released the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. When installing this through Windows Update it would keep failing and give me “code 80200053.” After looking around for a bit I found a solution that fixed this.

  1. Go to the Start menu and type “services.msc” and press enter.
  2. Find “Windows Update” service, right click on it and click “Restart.”
  3. Go to the Start menu and type “Windows Update” and try installing the service pack.
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Compiling what...?!!

Lol, I saw this earlier while compiling Samba4. It says “Compiling torture...” I wonder what it does :)

Compiling what!?!

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New plumbing is in place

I finally got some time to move my site to the jQuery Javascript library from Prototype. Why? Because lately most of my projects have been using jquery so I have been using and learning it a lot more than Prototype, and I am starting to understand it very well. You might also notice the LavaLamp jQuery plugin that I am using for the navigation menu above. Initially my intention was to create that functionality myself, but later decided to just that library to save some time for other projects.

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