Tablet showing an update being applied
I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The very first thing that I generally do with my devices is to check for any firmware/software updates. So, that’s what I did with the tablet… Settings > About > System Updates > Update…and to my surprise I got an error claiming “Wrong Password.” So, I went to the Samsung website and was able to login to my account there with the same password. I still reset my password and tried again with the same result. Afterwards, I tried a few different passwords and finally found one where I started getting another error “Processing failed.”

After some searching I found out that the tab connects to a service that has a separate account than the online account, and further searching revealed that I have to manually add the Samsung account before this will start working.

So, here is what you have to do.

Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account > Samsung account

Once you add the Samsung account through the above menu then go back and try updating. It should work now. Enjoy!


1:59 p.m. Wednesday Aug. 31, 2011 (about 1 week, 3 days after publishing)
It works! Arkymedes
Thank you very very much! :)
2 p.m. Wednesday Aug. 31, 2011 (about 1 week, 3 days after publishing)
RE: It works! farhan
I am glad this worked for you. Have fun! :)
7:40 p.m. Friday Oct. 7, 2011 (about 1 month, 2 weeks after publishing)
thank you rockhowse
awesome just what i needed :-)
10:16 p.m. Friday Dec. 2, 2011 (about 3 months, 1 week after publishing)
Mucho Gracias..! Jujue
Thanksalot en lot en lot! It works like miracle.I have been searching the solution high en low all over the related websites but none of them mentioned it has separate account from the device. Mucho gracias!
10:56 p.m. Friday Dec. 2, 2011 (about 3 months, 1 week after publishing)
RE: Mucho Gracias..! farhan
I am glad that this helped. Enjoy!
12:39 p.m. Thursday Feb. 16, 2012 (about 5 months, 4 weeks after publishing)
works kapa
thanx a lot.
11:23 a.m. Saturday Oct. 20, 2012 (about 1 year, 2 months after publishing)
how to change the country on my account dino
I can't change my country on my account
8:40 a.m. Sunday Jul. 15, 2012 (about 10 months, 4 weeks after publishing)
doesn't work for me john
Already had an account, I couldn't log in, so reset pwd through e-mail. Temporary pwd works but trying to change it doesn't. I get a message processing failed , no explanation whatsoever as to why. I have an account set up in the tablet and also had to go online to reset it - no such option exists in the apps interface. Really surprised that samsung fails so badly.
8:16 a.m. Thursday Nov. 29, 2012 (about 1 year, 3 months after publishing)
install blocked shahid ali
i bought samsung galaxy tab2 10.1 when im going to download some apps its showing your tablet is set to block installation of application
10:45 a.m. Friday Nov. 30, 2012 (about 1 year, 3 months after publishing)
RE: install blocked farhan
Maybe you need to enable installation from unknown sources. Take a look at
10:49 a.m. Friday Feb. 15, 2013 (about 1 year, 5 months after publishing)
Worked fine!! ebis
Thanks dude!!
11:01 a.m. Tuesday Aug. 27, 2013 (about 2 years after publishing)
language problem Beryl Reid
Hi can anyone help with this one? I have just been bought a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and it has been registered as in Spain because I live here! However when I download films or dvds they are all (naturally ) inSpanish, can has anyone got a solution to this all other language is in English. I really would appreciate the help.
8:51 a.m. Sunday Dec. 15, 2013 (about 2 years, 3 months after publishing)
my software update keeps failing Melissa Kennedy
I need to know how to update from my compter since my update keeps failing from my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1.....this is the first update that ive had that work......please help
8:11 p.m. Sunday Dec. 15, 2013 (about 2 years, 3 months after publishing)
RE: my software update keeps failing farhan
Sorry, I don't have this tablet anymore. I would suggest asking your question on the xda forums for your device (
1:34 p.m. Saturday Jan. 18, 2014 (about 2 years, 5 months after publishing)
cannot connect joe
Anyone else get error while connecting to ssl (npc)
9:44 a.m. Sunday Mar. 16, 2014 (about 2 years, 6 months after publishing)
re samsung 10.1 error message Happy Puppy
Tip above still works! Thanks!
10:37 p.m. Monday Oct. 27, 2014 (about 3 years, 2 months after publishing)
different issue Abhishek Sakibanda
I have a tab s 10.5 and I have heard that there is an android 5.0 update 4 my device but when I try 2 update my device it asks 4 d country when I select a country and after I agree d terms and conditions and press continue it shows me a message "registration failed". what should I do now.
11:26 a.m. Tuesday Oct. 28, 2014 (about 3 years, 2 months after publishing)
RE: different issue farhan
Hi Abhishek,

Sorry, I haven't experienced this, and don't have this tablet any more.

- Farhan
11:36 a.m. Wednesday Aug. 26, 2015 (about 4 years after publishing)
Worked great! Shabnam
I also had to delete and then add my google account to get google play to work,